My name is Luke Mathews.

I’m an NYC based interactive art director and designer with 15+ years ad agency experience. My expertise includes in UI/UX design, branding, and project management. I am experienced working on all stages of creation from concept to the launch, and can jump in at any stage of the process.

Client industries includes corporate, pharma, media, entertainment, publishing, technology, consumer, luxury brands and more.

The following outlines my skillset and background & reasons why I am great to work with:
• branding for companies both big and small;
• styleguide creation which promotes visual QA and consistency across website and promo materials;
• excellent design & UX/UI skills [including wireframes, user flows, site maps];
• thorough knowledge & understanding of digital media;
• strong interest in education through digital media;
• thorough knowledge and understanding of latest technologies, trends, media, and platforms.
• marketing campaigns and digital experiences for global brands;
• social media, mobile, and responsive designs;
• fast, reliable, efficient, great at multi-tasking, and I work well under tight deadlines;
• self-motivated, methodological, and detail-oriented by nature;
• and finally, I am pleasant to work with.

Thanks for your time and have a great day!